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Vishwaroopam full movie online with ulaganayagan kamal hassan pooja kumar andrea jeramia and upendra in lead roles. Music composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy trio. Vishwaroopam is one of the biggest budgeted movie for this year even more costlier than ezham arivu’s record 85 crore budget. According to media vishwaroopam has some concern related to religious and racial factors due to its strong subject which is strongly denied by kamal hassan who asked people to watch the movie and just dont judge by the trailer.

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Vishwaroopam has hollywood level special effects and stunt is done by Lee Whitaker also you get to see most parts of movie filmed in usa and canada which is a visual treat to the audience. We are yet to see theater audience resposnse to both movie and soundtrack. Initially yuvan asked to score the music but later shankar ehsan loy was signed up for this movie and songs are done in tamil telugu and hindi languages. Overall vishwaroopam is a must watch movie despite all these islamic protests which are occuring mainly because of lack of understanding. A true work of art must be appreciated specially kamal hassans dual role which is top class hats off to the entire vishwaroopam team. Enjoy!

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