Paradesi (2013) Tamil Movie Online

Paradesi (2013) is director Balas latest venture after a long pause from his previous blockbuster Avan Ivan movie. Watch Paradesi movie online is a period film set in pre independence era of early 30s taking us back in time with precision details which will be in your memory for rest of your life.

Paradesi is a must watch movie  though it is a dark movie with lot of disturbing elements we clearly say its one of the best movies tamil cinema has ever produced. Music by G.V Prakash is top class but for such genre ilayaraja would have been a better choise still G.V managed to do his magic in Paradesi Audio. This movie also features Actor Murali’s son Adharva who had a not so amazing start in his first movie Baana Kaathadi but he is sure to get some recognition post Paradesi setting a milestone to his acting career.

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